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Hoote in the Hütte Festival 2022!

Hoote in the Hütte Festival 2022!


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Dear Hoote Community,

Thanks to your amazing feedback and the high motivation, despite the hard work of last year’s festival, we’ve decided to go for this adventure once again this year!

Unfortunately, this summer will be the last time, so make sure that you get your ass up the mountain and come to CELEBRATE with us!

We are super excited to invite you to share with us this great experience, with the supports of all these fantastic DJs:

Mandelbrot (VNHL), Rui de Janeiro (Techno Vikings), Anda P (Kumuklub), TINO, Lemons (Posteblume), Yani Ghazo (Donautechno) & Thomas Lovelace (Respect or Tolerate).

When: 26-28th August.

This year the focus will be even more on the connection to the nature in the dance floor, and there will be a group hike (25 min) to an Ice Cave!

Prepare yourself for another big surprise, which we can’t share now 🙂

A weekend full of great techno, beautiful nature and amazing people!


Tickets (pre-payment of 50EUR to reserve your spot, the rest in cash in the Hütte):

Up to 30.6 the price will be 90EUR, includes accommodation and breakfast!

1.7-31.7: 105EUR, includes accommodation and breakfast!

We are limited to 80 spots! (55 in the Hütte, 6 tents)
Please notice that a reservation without a pre-payment will not be considered. 

In the Hütte we can get food & drinks! Please bring cash with you!

As we would like to keep the festival in a friendly atmosphere, please write us a few words about you once you’re booking, and whether you prefer to camp or to sleep in the Hut 🙂

The hike up the mountain takes 2.5 hours, which in the first hour you carry your bags, and then, there is a cable-car to send your bags! So please take lots of water and pack light stuff.


1. You can come with a train, and then take the regional shuttle to the beginning of the path.

2. At the beginning of August, we will create a WhatsApp group, where you can write and share a car.

In a month, we will send an email with all the important details.

We are looking forward to seeing you, and if you have more question, please message us here or on Instagram!


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