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Kerem Birthday Party

Kerem Birthday Party


Product Description

Kerem House wishes you a happy birthday 2nd Anniversary Party at our new and painted Kerem House!!!
Everyone is welcome! BYOB!

Long since the days of founding Kerem House I upon Gedera Street in the year 2019, activities of all shapes and sizes sprouted in communal space.
Reaching as many as 286 events in 9 months, the run of Kerem one, was done.

Killed by Corona, our house endured and spread to a new residence to which you are invited.
Featured in the Golem of Tel Aviv, the house quarantine project, Kerem II is an indoor oasis of urbanism. Mere meters from the beach, New Kerem invites friends to a Bring a Bottle Birthday Party to again become a space where people connect with neighbors.

Happy Birthday Kerem, This one’s on you


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