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Taka Tech Birthday Bash

Taka Tech Birthday Bash


Product Description

Hello my dears,

Are you up for an adventure?
I’m celebrating my birthday on the Taka Tech Island of Pipi and I invite you to celebrate with me on this wonderful place.
Why adventure? Well, you have to cross some obstacles to get to this place.
At the beginning there is a river crossing and then you have to cross the jungle to our stage on an island on the island 😉
The crossing of the river could be difficult for one or the other but there is a boat ready or you can try it on foot 🙂

Food and beer will be provided. Please bring your own liquor.

Line up:

15-17 Prosecco floor -> open decks

17-19 Warm up with AndaP

19-21 DJ Toño | DJ Toño b2b AndaP

21-23 Thomas Lovelace

23-01 Gautrance | Klangmische

01-03 Shih-Tzu

03-As long as we have motivation 😉 -> open decks



Looking forward to see you and please send me a request so I can get an overview of who is coming and who is not. THANKS.

If the weather doesn’t play along, the whole thing will take place in my house in the Holetschekgasse, but it won’t come to that 😉


And please don’t forget to follow the 3G rules so we can dance carefree and everyone looks out for each other, THANK YOU

Many love



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